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Palliative Care

Objectives of Scheme:

  • Senior citizens of the age of 60 years or more who due to old age due to serious illness and are bound to discharge their entire routine and activities by staying in bed, enter them in palliative care and arrange their proper care and medical facilities.

Implementation Agency:

  • Social Welfare Department can be run through a recognized non-government voluntary organization or three-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions / Urban Bodies.

Facilities Offered in Palliative Care:

  1. Tea-snacks, food, clothing, medicine, medicines, oils, soaps, etc. will be provided to the inmates.
  2. There will be facilities for entertainment, sports, magazines, television etc.
  3. rganizing cultural events.
  4. Separate beds, beds, mosquito nets will be provided for each inmate.
  5. There will be a garden in the palliative care home complex.
  6. Regular health check up of the inmates will be done in the palliative care home
  7. The building will have adequate lighting, soft water and comfortable furniture to sit on.
  8. Entrance will be given to the beneficiary by the institution in the palliative care house, with the recommendation of the Collector or Joint / Deputy Director District Office Social Welfare of the concerned district and the beneficiary's bio-data will be kept.
  9. The funeral will be performed on the death of the inmate according to their religion provided no member of their family is present to receive the body within 24 hours of the death.

Procedure for grant of grant:

  1. The organization should have experience of operating old age home or multi-service center for a minimum period of 03 years. In special circumstances it will be lax with the approval of the operator.
  2. Application form should be attached in the prescribed form as per departmental grant rules.
  3. Proposals of departmentally recognized voluntary organizations with the recommendation of District Collector Director Social Welfare Directorate Will be sent to whose grant according to the rules, after analyzing the test, according to the instructions given in the Financial Rights Booklet, Director, Social Welfare Directorate, Chhattisgarh. Grant will be approved.
  4. Utilization Certificate of the grant amount given by the competent authority, under the signature of the Accountant General, CG And Director, Directorate of Social Welfare, Chhattisgarh Has to be made available.
  5. Recurring expenditure 90 percent and non-recurring expenditure 70 percent can be sanctioned to voluntary organization. After the first year non-recurring grant will be eligible for non-recurring grant in the 6th financial year. 100% grant will be given to three-tier Panchayat Raj Institutions / Urban Bodies.